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WordPress Optimization

We offer consultation services for WordPress based websites

Theme Upgrade

Has your website lost it’s wow factor? Are you looking to give your visitors a better experience when browsing your site? Look no further, Pentagy’s creative and innovative UI/UX team is more than ready to give your site a new face in no time! With a simple and unique approach, we combine the best colors, icons, images and animations to make your site look and feel as easy as possible without compromising on performance of the site.

Plugin Customization

Extend the functionality and efficiency of your website by using premium WordPress Plugins under Pentagy’s extended licenses. With the help of our team, add custom features to your website using these plugins. Switch to a more professional framework by upgrading from free plugins to premium plugins and see the overall remarkable change in your website’s interoperability, efficiency and functionality.

Site Security and Optimization

Protect your WordPress site from the ever existing threat of malicious attacks from the internet and within your organization. Pentagy helps you configure your site to track each and every activity of your website users within your organization and setup firewall parameters to block forced entry and manipulation of your site data from external sources.

Hosting and Content Delivery

Pentagy offers hosting solutions for your website. When it comes your are migrating to a new host, upgrading to a VPS or adding your web files to a CDN service, we offer consultation services upon request.


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